Nepal Experiential Shamanic Pilgrimage

Nepal, the Heart of World Shamanism and Centre of Learning

September 4 – September 19, 2023

(without trekking in the mountains)

A pilgrimage is a journey to sacred places to renew and recharge spiritually, to meet and learn from a teacher and to seek healing in far-off places. These are the most common forms of pilgrimage in Nepal.

Spiritual journeys are undertaken to visit the great human-made shrines and the natural Himalayan sacred places. These places are called Tirthas, which means ‘crossing places where one can cross the river to the far shore or a mountain, and in this case, cross over into another dimension of life.

In the same way, a pilgrimage is a way to seek a true teacher who has kept the flame of knowledge alight, which they in turn, have received from an authentic teacher and lineage.

Nepal's renowned Dhami-Jhankri-Shamans:

Nepal is one of the few countries where Millenium old lineage wisdom-carrying Shamans still live. Both men and women with diverse cultural backgrounds will share their lineage rituals and practices in an eco-friendly village nestled on the slopes of Nagarkot Hills above the medieval UNESCO heritage town of Bhaktapur. The presentations and ceremonies will take place both indoors and outdoors.

This exciting proposal is built on previous highly successful events. They have a significant advantage over the earlier events. They can be a more intimate and powerful experience for everyone, focusing more specifically on Nepal’s rich and varied Shamanism.

To give possibilities to participate to interested individuals and groups from different corners of the planet, even without previous experiences, the proposed itinerary suits everyone.

The Proposed Programmes

Each day of these experiential pilgrimages will offer new revelations and opportunities to explore the richness of Nepali culture and practice, presented in morning, afternoon and night sessions with lunch and dinner breaks.

For an enhanced experience, all the presentations, discussions and ceremonies in Nepali or any regional language will be translated into English and vice versa (interpreters simultaneously translate rituals and sacred songs as much as possible). As the Nepali Shamans and elders have their rhythms and ways of working and sharing, there will be time to ask questions and get clarity.

Upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, the program starts with a reception, escorted to a beautiful property in Thamel at the Apsara Boutique Hotel ( or similar accommodation.

Day-by-day itinerary in a nutshell:

Services Included In The Package:

Thanks for joining this trip and helping preserve our beloved ancestors' wisdom.

Namaste, and feel welcome in Nepal.

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