About Us

Bhola Nath Banstola

Founder & Head Instructor

  • He graduated in cultural anthropology and spent many years with shamans in the Himalayan area (Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet), adapting shamanic techniques that allow him to be a “bridge” between ancient shamanic culture and modern vision.
  • He participates in international conferences, gives lectures and courses in Italy, the United Stated, Nepal.
  • Founding president of the Nepal Shaman Association. Member of the Society for Shamanic Practice.
  • Active member of Le Cercle De Saggesse De L’Union Des Traditions Ancestrales.
  • Nepalese Himalayan shamanism world teacher. He writes articles on shamanism.
  • Organizer and escort of special groups in Nepal and the Himalayas.
  • Facilitators, teacher, and organizer of special shamanic trips and pilgrimages to Nepal-Himalayas.
  • Participates and promotes international and regional conferences and seminars on shamanism.

Meet Bhola

My name is Bhola Banstola, a Jhankri Shaman from Nepal with an extended family lineage history and practice in Shamanism. Welcome to my website, where I hope to help folks interested in traditional Shamanism understand my Path and invite you to join in with our courses. My greatest wish is to preserve and share the Shamanism of my tradition, keep it alive, and bring it to new generations of practitioners. I also support Nepali traditional lineage education (param-para) and culture and help poor and needy children go to regular schools through my work and the kindness of others. I believe that shamans should always serve their community in the best way they can.