Kathmandu, Nepal September 28-October 11, 2021

A Global Gathering of Shamanic Traditions– From the Four Corner of the World

Hosted by the Shamans of Nepal to coalesce power and presence for healing our planet!
This unprecedented, four-day summit ‘open to all’ will have cultural programs, as well as shamanic ceremonies and rituals by shamans from different traditions. Although an academic presentation will be a part of the program, is not a folklorist presentation or anthropological survey.
This will be an expression of traditional shamanic trance, ceremony and power.
The following programs will be presented:
Shamanic Dances, Sacred Ceremonies, Rituals, Ethnic Music and Dances, Fire-walking, group shamanic healing, books exhibition, shamanic attires and sacred ritual objects presentation and exhibition

…and the Stunning Beauty of Nepal


Nepal Shamanic Summit