The basis of all Shamanism is the relationship we have with the Elements and Elemental Spirits. The Five Elements are essential to all life. As it is the role of the Shaman to restore balance and harmony, we examine the condition of the Elements in the environment and within the body itself, seeking the best means to heal.

This course is designed to give a comprehensive introduction to working with the Elements which comprise our Universe and pervade all aspects of our lives. We now understand the Environment and Ecology as significant globally, and it is even more relevant to our Shamanic work that we understand and integrate work with the Elements into our ceremonies and our personal lives.


This course is for anyone willing to experience and learn first hand the ways of a traditional shamanic path and then to adapt those methods to their own circumstances, culture and environment.


There will be individual sessions dedicated to each Element and the associated Spirit, and then a Final Session combining all Elements together:


  1. EARTH ELEMENT: Bhumi Devi 
  2. WATER ELEMENT: Jala Devi 
  3. FIRE ELEMENT: Agni Devi 
  4. AIR ELEMENT: Vayu Deo 
  5. ETHER ELEMENT: Dhumiwati 

ALL CLASSES WILL commence at 20.00 ITALIAN TIME and last for 2 hours.


You will learn about Sansari Mai the Universal Mother, and learn how to work with Bhumi Devi the Earth Mother, Jala Devi, Agni Devi, Vayu Deo and Dhumiwati. Each of the Elements has a corresponding Spirit you will encounter, and you will also be introduced to other relevant spirits such as Ganyap and Mastoo. You will learn their mantras and the relevant rhythms. The first session will also provide information on the creation myth regarding the Universe and Elements, as well as advice on Ritual Practice in this specific context. Note: As malas and mantras are going to be used throughout, there will be an early introduction to both.

What do you need?

  • A comfortable sitting position preferably on the floor, a notebook to record the main points.
  • A drum or a rattle.
  • A handful of rice grain in a plate
  • A candle
  • A glass of water
  • A feather or a bough of a sacred plant from your local environment
  • A stone
  • A Mala if possible (Rudraksha is best)
  • If you can, acquire some seeds of corn, barley or other cereals. After the opening session, we plant them, as the beginning of our work (optional).
  • A pot in which to plant the seeds
  • Your sacred personal object which can be anything you choose. Most important is your profound presence and willingness to participate and experience the transmission.

There will be the opportunity to ask questions, and also to arrange personal support following the event.


These sessions do not certify anyone as a shaman or a healer, and the content must remain strictly within the recipient’s family and community. None of the practices and rituals you may learn should be used as a substitute for any of the conventional medical or psychiatric treatments one is undergoing.


For full details and any other questions please contact Bhola by email: Bhola Banstola at We look forward to welcoming you to these Dhami-Jhankri teachings. Sarwa Mangalam Bhola