Nepal Experiential Shamanic Pilgrimage

Nepal, the Heart of World Shamanism and Centre of Learning

September 9- 23, 2024

(without trekking in the mountains)

Since time immemorial, the Nepali people have preferred their habitations to be in the higher hills and mountains, far from the flat plains and close to heaven, to allow their souls to merge with clouds and otherworldly realms.The towering height and vast open spaces of these uncontaminated terrains have influenced people’s characteristics, thoughts and ways of life for millennia.

The mountain deities and spirits are the grounding and protective forces that people invoke and propitiate in their everyday lives – whether to seek support or celebrate events. To these sacred lofty Himalayas, people embark on pilgrimages annually or semi-annually.

The Proposed Programmes

Each day of these experiential pilgrimages will offer new revelations and opportunities to explore the richness of Nepali culture and practice, presented in morning, afternoon and night sessions with lunch and dinner breaks.

After spending two days understanding and exploring the Sanatana-Vedic-Dharma and Buddhist cultures of Kathmandu, Pashupatinath, and Boudhanath, the participants are accompanied to a serene and nature-immersed village for a five-day retreat. Here, the Dhami-Jhankri-Shamans (men and women) help us understand and navigate through their initiation, apprenticeship, rituals, healing sessions, divinations, creation of sacred protective amulets, fire rituals and hot water cleansing rites.

After five days of intense retreat, the participants will hike to Changunarayan and Bhaktapur (approximately four hours excursion) and stay in Bhaktapur for three days and nights, visiting the Mother Goddess shrines, Bhairung temples and some local healers.

On returning to Kathmandu, the participants will visit Patan- the City of Beauty, Budhanilakantha, Swayambhu Chaitya, and other places- and offer rituals in the power places.

On the final day of the pilgrimage, empowerment and initiation will be bestowed.

Services Included In The Package:

Thanks for joining this trip and helping preserve our beloved ancestors' wisdom.

Namaste, and feel welcome in Nepal.

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