We are in unique times, and we must avoid human contact where there is risk of spreading the Coronavirus. Thankfully, we also have a wonderful alternative – live Group meetings via the Internet.

There are several services offering to help us connect using group discussions, and lately Bhola has been using Zoom to reach his students, which has been very successful.

Nepali and Mongolian Shamans are using Zoom, and even the Dalai Lama is teaching and giving initiations via the Internet.

But is it Valid?

There is no doubt that the best way to receive teachings and empowerments is live and face to face. Where we cannot do so, the second best method is via live interactive internet discussion. The third best method is watching live webcasts without interaction. If this is impossible, some aspects may be taught through watching recordings.

We cannot always be in the same space as our elders and masters, and even when attending in person, we may end up sitting a long way from the teacher, maybe receiving their voice through speakers, or even watching them on a TV monitor. This is not so very different from ‘attending’ live via the Web.

What about Initiations and Empowerments?

Transmission of Initiations and Empowerments is ‘mind to mind’ between the Deity, the Elder and the Apprentice – this is the Traditional way, established for many lineage generations to maintain purity and accuracy and be faithful to the ancestors and our spirits.
So you really don’t have to be physically close to your teacher. What is important is that the teacher and the student both intend for the transference to take place, and that the correct attitude and motivation are present. In this way, your empowerment is perfectly valid.

Bhola’s Teachings

Bhola has developed a series of courses which will be delivered via Zoom for the coming months, including exciting online events for you to participate in Festivals, live Ceremonies and Initiations. This offers a great new opportunity for you, without the cost and complication of travel.

Even better, you will be able to ask questions and contribute to each session, and be supported afterwards by contact with Bhola and also by video recordings and notes, where possible.

Check out the Courses section of this Website and use the Contact form if you have any questions – Bhola is always delighted to help and can even arrange special sessions if you have specific requests.

Bhola’s book is an excellent preparation for the sessions, and also for following up on some of the details at your leisure. It is available from Amazon as a paperback and ebook, and is also being published in Italian and French editions:


The Nepalese Shamanic Path