Dance of the Divine Mother

21-23 April 2023, Briançon, France

In these three-day programs, participants will be introduced to the powers of the Goddesses, deities and spirits honoured in the Nepali shamanic tradition. Through journeys, stories, songs, mantras and rituals, the two aspects of the Mother Earth Goddess, who manifested all beings and nature from the void and that can devour even severe disease and time itself, will be shared- the peaceful and active wrathful form. Working with the wrathful form of the Goddess—Kali Ma, participants have opportunities to clear karmic burdens from past- individual and family lineage.

Our elders always reminded us, “There is Devi Shakti (Energy). She is not somewhere else or in other realms. If we allocate some time, the glow within the body will radiate and expand” – is the fruit of the Devi Ritual.

Kali is known as the great Goddess of time. She symbolises death, rebirth and cosmic cyclicity as Jagad-amba, mother of the universe, whose womb is the fertile source of all Creation and a devouring maw that takes back what it has birthed. She is a goddess of transformation who, with her sword, cuts the ties of ignorance and attachments to the ego.

‘Ceremony of Release and Let Go’, the ‘Ceremony to know and get through the fear’ will be followed by a ceremony of joyful celebration as enjoying a renewal of your prana or life force that is now free from suffering and burden. Participants meet the highest, most radiant incarnation and transfigure to renew their commitment to the environment and the Earth. At the end of the weekend, the participants will experience the ‘process of transfiguration’ and the ‘pilgrimage dance’ around the shamanic sacred space/Thaan created at the hall’s centre. The decisive weekend ends with the blessing of the five-coloured thread and Siir Uthaunu.

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