Nagas Spirits and Sansari Mai

1-3 June 2023, Warsaw, Poland

Everything in creation carries different strands of life forces that connect in different ways and frequencies. These life forces are in our natural surroundings with specific sources and within us, working in partnership to sustain and give continuity to life.

Like our reverence for the birth-giving mother, we have equal reverence for the Earth Mother and all her creations. The womb of the Dharati Mata (Earth Mother) is shining with precious and semi-precious stones and minerals. A deep blue-coloured lake is at the centre from where a sacred plant grows (Kalpa Vrikshya). The sacred fountain is blessed and protected by a white-coloured Naga-serpent with five hoods representing the five gross elements of nature and life essences.

Sansari Mai (the Goddess of the Universe) is the first active manifestation of the Earth Mother, who pervades all the representations of creation as Shakti. As the path opener, sustainer and deeper manifestor of life, she is the protective and healing Goddess from natural calamities and disharmonies. In the traditional Nepali Dhami-Jhankri-Shamanic path, the Naga serpents, the Sansari Mai, the plant spirits and all related to them occupy a special place in healing.