Nepal Experiential Shamanic Pilgrimage

With Easy Hiking and Visits to Shamans in their Working Places

October 11-October 25, 2023

Nepal, the Heart of World Shamanism and Centre of Learning:

Since time immemorial, the Nepali people have preferred their habitations to be in the higher hills and mountains, far from the flat plains and close to heaven, to allow their souls to merge with clouds and otherworldly realms.

The towering height and vast open spaces of these uncontaminated terrains have profoundly influenced people’s characteristics, thoughts and ways of life for millennia.

The mountain deities and spirits are the groundings and protective forces that people invoke and propitiate in their everyday lives – whether to seek support or celebrate any events. To these sacred lofty Himalayas, people embark on pilgrimages annually or semi-annually.

Our Pilgrimage

During this pilgrimage, the local Shamans and Elders introduce us to these powers who have empowered and initiated them and helped us to establish our own connection with them.

After the retreat, the participants will be accompanied to the houses of Dhami-Jhankri-Shamans, where the Shamans work to help their patients and perform divination and healing. There will be possibilities for requesting divination and conversing with Shamans and their patients.

The participants will spend the first three days and nights in Kathmandu to prepare and get some rest after a long journey with time differences and jet lag at the Apsara Boutique Hotel: Then the Group will be transferred for a four-day retreat with the Dhami-Jhankri-Shamans in beautiful homestay settings in the village of Nagarkot, immersed in nature.

During these retreat days, there will be three sessions of work with the Shamans per day. On these days, the local Shamans will perform purificatory rituals and healing sessions and share their evolutionary experiential path describing how they became Shamans and what they do.

From Nagarkot, the participants will hike to Changunarayan and Bhaktapur and stay for three days and nights in Bhaktapur, visiting the Mother Goddess shrines and some local healers.

On returning to Kathmandu and Patan, if possible, rituals will be performed in the power places.

On the final day of the pilgrimage, empowerment and initiation will be bestowed.

Note: This is not a certification trip to make you a healer or a Shaman but is intended to enhance your knowledge through direct contact and experience with authentic lineage Shamans within their indigenous culture.


Nepal, for many millennia, has been a centre of learning and pilgrimage.

The sacred human-made power places in the form of temples and shrines to house the male and female deities in the banks of Bagmati, Vishnumati, Rudramati and Hanumente Rivers, collectively called the Sacred Kathmandu Valley Mandal had hosted yogis, monks and ascetics for thousands of years.

The organizers are well-versed in the local religious and spiritual practices, both written and oral and will not only accompany you to these power places but will also share some of the methods that the tradition allows. From the Kathmandu Valley, your introduction to Nepal starts and follows the higher hills and the mighty Himalayas, accompanied by the rhythm of the local Dhami-Jhankris-shamans.

It is a rare opportunity to be with the elders and long-lineage carriers, listen to them, and receive healing and teachings.

Nepal is only a few countries in the world which still is the ‘home of longest-living shamanic traditions and masters’.

Day-by-day itinerary:

Please Note:

If the road to Kalingchock is inaccessible, we will stay one day more in Doromba and visit a sacred pilgrimage place of locals with the shamans.

There can also be an alternative pilgrimage too, please remain in touch.


Services Included In The Package:

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