Himalayan Pilgrimage with the Shamans

Unraveling the Secrets of Kathmandu, Mandala, Himlayas and Shamanism

September 22 -October 05, 2023

This unique Nepal-Himalayan Experiential Shamanic Pilgrimage is now being offered to aspiring and experienced Practitioners of Shamanism and Animism who are curious about the diverse and deeply rooted shamanic lineage practices which abound in Nepal.

As the world continues to change, there is a growing need for healing worldwide. We can only achieve this healing by bridging ancient traditions into our modern times.

To restore harmony, Elders and other leaders of our practices must come together to preserve, share and transmit our ancestral wisdom. It’s time to protect and spread our Shamanic teachings, knowledge, and culture in unity. Nepal’s renowned Dhami-Jhankri- Shamans, both men and women with diverse cultural backgrounds from the many geographical regions of Nepal, will share their lineage rituals and traditions in an eco-friendly village nestled on the slopes of Nagarkot Hills about the medieval UNESCO heritage town of Bhaktapur.

This pilgrimage is organized and coordinated by Bhola Banstola, a long-lineage Dhami-Jhankri Shaman with decades of experience leading a wide range of Shamanism and cultural events in Nepal and other countries. All the teachings and ceremonies will be both indoor and outdoor. This exciting proposal builds on previous highly successful events. It has a significant advantage over the earlier events. It can be a more intimate and powerful experience for everyone, focusing more specifically on the rich and varied forms of Shamanism to be found across Nepal. This itinerary combines the exotic city culture of the Kathmandu valley, which is genuinely a repository and live practices which embrace Sanatana Dharma, Vedic culture, Buddhism, Tantrism and Shamanism.  Further up in the village, we immerse in the local culture and enter into the ‘ways of the local shamans’ for three full days and some late-night rituals. The pilgrimage accompanied by the local shamans to introduce their power places in the mountains and caves of Saya mountains is remembering and reconnecting to the primordial shamanic roots which each of us carries deeply.

Our Pilgrimage

During this pilgrimage, the local Shamans and Elders introduce us to these powers who have empowered and initiated them and helped us to establish our own connection with them.

Since immemorial, the Nepali people have preferred their habitations to be in the higher hills and mountains, far from the flat plains and close to heaven, to allow their souls to merge with clouds and otherworldly realms.
The towering height and vast open spaces of these uncontaminated terrains have influenced people’s characteristics, thoughts and ways of life for millennia.

The mountain deities and spirits are the groundings and protective forces that people invoke and propitiate in their everyday lives – whether to seek support or celebrate events. To these sacred lofty Himalayas, people embark on pilgrimages annually or semi-annually.


Nepal, for many millennia, has been a centre of learning and pilgrimage.

Each day of this pilgrimage will offer new revelations and opportunities to explore the richness of Nepali culture and practice, presented in morning, afternoon and night sessions with lunch and dinner breaks. All participants are encouraged to participate in ceremonies and the group cleansing and healing processes within the stipulated time and space. Of course, being on time and respecting the elders and co-participants is essential, and we will adhere to a dress code which respects the cultural expectations. For an enhanced experience, all the presentations, discussions and ceremonies in Nepali or any regional language will be translated into English and vice versa (interpreters simultaneously translate rituals and sacred songs as much as possible). We will happily welcome Shamans and Elders from other countries with warm hearts if they can join and share their traditions and practices, thus opening the cultural exchange with their Nepali counterparts and creating a world community. Upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, the program starts with a reception, escorted to a beautiful property in Thamel at the Apsara Boutique Hotel or equivalent accommodation, where there will be a welcome dinner.

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