The foundational experiential course

Sat 11 Feb 2023 9:30 AM – Sun 12 Feb 2023 5:00 PM GMT

Barnes Green Centre, SW13 9HE, LONDON


The teaching offered by Bhola Banstola, a long lineage carrier in Nepali Dhami-Jhankri Shamanic Path with many years of teaching experience throughout the world, is a unique opportunity to participate and immerse. This time-tested long-lineage knowledge and skills practised and handed down for millennia are helpful for beginners and curious and experienced practitioners.

The Transmission includes traditional lineage shamanism and how spirit/s are incorporated. Active shamanic narrative journeying by playing the drum and singing the sacred Mantras and songs are part of the enormously powerful techniques used by the earliest ancestors to access wisdom beyond the range of ordinary senses and timelines. There is no use of any mind-altering plants or substances in this tradition. Shamanic trance is induced only by singing sacred songs transmitted by the teacher, mantras and drumming rhythms.

As humankind’s oldest spiritual healing practice, Shamanism helps us address life’s past events, enrich the present moment, and envision the future. Universally recognized, spiritual healing supports our emotional and psychological health.

For millennia, Dhami-Jhankri Shamans have been using their gifts and sacred tools to heal emotional trauma, relieve anxiety and depression, reduce physical pain and help communities live whole lives with more security and confidence. Shamanism still today is a living tradition of the people of Nepal.

The different levels of transmission and empowerment help aspirants (students who aspire to develop these skills) connect to profound sources of healing power and tap the soul’s infinite potential. Thus it opens ways to solve today’s challenges and helps us feel more fulfilled, confident and joyful. Participants will also learn how to use time-tested methods to effectively receive guidance, visions, insights and healing tools for self-empowerment and helping others through rituals, dances, sacred songs, active journeying, chanting, and drumming.

As an earth-bound path related to ancestry, lineage and nature, shamanism helps to connect with the local spirits, create relationships with them, make seasonal rituals to honour them and propitiate from time to time for protection and harmony. Deep knowledge of the neighbourhood and keepers of the land and the house is the foundation of the shamanic path.

Necessary understanding and regular practice are essential to proceed to deeper levels of training and experience. Therefore, aspirants and curious persons are invited to attend the Introductory Transmission of Laying the Foundation to proceed for deeper future transmissions.


Laying the foundations of Nepali Dhami-Jhankri Himalayan Shamanism Transmission contents:

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