An exceptional and rare opportunity to receive Transmission and Empowerment into the practices of Mahankal (also popularly known as Mahakala) as practised even today as a living tradition is coming up. Usually, this would be a closed and secret course, taught to a small group in person. Lately, Bhola has been exploring Zoom’s use and has successfully conducted a Mahankal retreat through this medium. Now, he is offering exclusive teachings through a new short program, accessible to all who can commit to attend and to practise, and the potential to share the mind of Mahankal directly through the medium of the Shaman. Mahankal is one of the most important Nepali Shamanism deities and can be traced back as Sanatana Dharma (eternal practices) to the most ancient scriptures themselves. In Sanskrit and Nepali, Mahankal means time or darkness or death. This term is also referred to Lord Shiva/Chakrasamhara, the Vedic deity whose Tandava dance sustains and destroys the universe to recreate the new again. From the Nepali shamanic perspective, the Kala-chakra or Wheel of Time is the key to the reality that unites the universe, time and the life-force; including auspicious, neutral and inauspicious times.

The word Kala also means Time, Darkness, or Emptiness- the voidness, also called Sunyata. Everything in Cosmos, from the most tangible to the intangible, is guided by the cycle of time and movement.

During these six on-line sessions, the participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the basic cause and nature of spiritual, emotional and physical disharmony and imbalances. They will explore different ways to understand them, lay the foundation of connecting, and learn the unique techniques to perform the practices leading to the remedies. The transmission and empowerment will incorporate several forms of Mahankal, their consorts, ways to propitiate them, rituals and levels of work associated with them. A step by step experiential unfolding of the spirit of Mahankal through gestures, mudra, iconography, realm, function, ways, ritual ingredients, etc. will be transmitted as it is a living tradition and a vital healing deity.

Mahankal’s appearance may seem frightening, but every part of his form has a deeper meaning. His body is midnight blue in colour. His three eyes symbolize his knowledge of the past, present and future, and the manifestation Time itself, etc.

Prayers to Mahankal, the Spirit of Time and Longevity:

I bow to you Mrtyunjaya Mahankal Shani!

Cause of all, alleviator of all fear, peril and wickedness, I bow to you…

Slayer of all, the origin of all planets, the cause of all results, I bow to you…

Giver of peace and prosperity to all living beings, I bow to you…

Cause of all happiness and misery, the correct form of all that exists, I bow to you…

Dispeller of untimely and accidental death, I bow to you…

Form of Time, excellent as the planet, destroyer of samsara, I bow to you…

One of baleful glance, coarse-haired one, terrifying one, long eyed one, I bow to you…

Dispeller of all planets, the essence of the planets themselves, I bow to you…

Because you are the essence of time, I bow before you, Shani!

The whole world and time itself dissolve in you, the god of time!

You are the body of time, the self, Shambhu, the Kalatma, the planetary deity!


Mahankal is another local term for Mahakala.

All transmissions will take place from 8:00-10: 00 PM Italian local time.

  • 1st transmission – January 07
  • 2nd transmission – January 12
  • 3rd transmission – January 14
  • 4th transmission – January 19
  • 5th transmission – January 2
  • 6th transmission – January 26

All preparative details will be sent on request only after receiving an email at bhumi1008@outlook.com (Sub- Mahankala Transmission)

Enrollment will be accepted only to committed participants who can dedicate time and resources.

Wishing you all the Season’s Greetings and a Healthy and Luminous New Year 2021!



At your service,