SEWA-SERGYAM, a ritual of acknowledgement and offering incense- Khasa-Dhami-Shaman, Jhapa, Nepal

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Nepal Shamanic Summit 2021

Nepal Himalayan and Global Shamanic Summit 2021

Kathmandu, Nepal September 28-October 11, 2021 A Global Gathering of Shamanic Traditions– From the Four Corner of the World Hosted by the Shamans of Nepal to coalesce power and presence for healing our planet!This unprecedented, four-day summit ‘open to all’ will have cultural programs, as well as shamanic ceremonies and rituals by shamans from different traditions. Although an

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AUGUST 30- SEPTEMBER 21, 2022 We walk the path of the spiritual practitioner visiting ancient power points and sacred spaces in Nepal and Tibet Our journey is the quest of the spiritual seeker, who surrenders to the spiral of life, follows the etheric energy of the land, practices teachings of inner transformation, and strengthens the connection to their

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SEPTEMBER 11-25, 2021 EXPERIENCE SHAMANISM IN NEPAL AN INITIATORY JOURNEY WITH BHOLA BANSTOLA AND SHAMANKA Join Ilka together with Bhola Banstola on this trip into the magic of Nepalese shamanism, to the discovery of the healing traditions of the Himalayas. Bhola Banstola is an experienced guide and traditional Nepalese jhankri/shaman, he will be your guide on this journey.

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Mt Kailash

Sacred Pilgrimage Of Spiritual Renewal

(AUGUST 10- SEPTEMBER 2, 2021)Nepal-Tibet-Mt Kailash This unique once in a lifetime journey has been designed for dedicated participants who are interested in a powerful and challenging pilgrimage to the most sacred places in the Himalayan region, Mount Kailash.During this pilgrimage, we will start the spiritual practices from Kathmandu itself which includes the ceremonies, empowerment, visit sacred places,

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